Trash Family - Purgatoire Electronique

Repent your sins this Halloween at the Electronic Purgatory

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It’s getting frisky outside, the leaves are falling and the sun is leaving us earlier each day… There’s no doubt about it, Fall is definitely here and with it comes a special and grimy holiday : Halloween.

Trick-or-Treat in Family

Like every year, this season’s host to the most visual, sinister and bloody shows in town. Organizers and designers are enticed by the flood of fearful party concepts we see around Halloween and we, adults, are usually offered with a broad selection of frightening get-together for the occasion.

This year is no exception to the rule… But for the first time, an organisation pulled an Halloween event that brings back the family value whereas most adult activities proposed only emphasis on getting as turned up as possible…

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Trash Family - Purgatoire Electronique

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Repent your sins, Trash Family style

You have guessed it, the Trash Family is behind this party. Those who offered you the Secret Loft Party are back for the Electronic Purgatory (Purgatoire Électronique) and they’ve got some pretty cool stuff going on for you :

  • Open-Bar
  • Two headliners from Switzerland : Oxsa and Dirtymadsound
  • Two local superstar from Kannibalen Records : Lektrique and Karluv Klub
  • Private After-Party from 3am to 6am (limited places)
  • Presence prizes by Jägermeister
  • Disguises contest (show your gore side!)
  • And more surprises from the Trash Family!

This one is definitely not for the fainted heart, you shall come party in the Purgatory with the Family, but please leave your children behind…

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