How it began...

It all started in the summer of 2014 in Montreal.

A music collective called the Trash Family organize their first event in a private loft and are looking for a solution to sell their tickets online. After a few meetings, our platform was born.

Timing is a very critical aspect of all event organisation and we completely understood the reality of an organizer. We needed to move fast. That's when we challenged ourselves to develop a platform that would not only be easy to use and good looking, it had to be efficient.

Welcome to Nexus Tickets

Our team is a small organization of music fans and we pride ourselves in making your satisfaction our priority. You can always reach us through the contact page to share ideas, comments, inquiries and more. We also invite you to take a look on the advantages of selling tickets with NexusTickets™.

Since we are still in our early development phase, only basic ticketing services are available for now. However, here are a few things we're working :

  • Improved event submission
  • Organizers dashboard
  • iOS / Android application
  • Physical tickets
  • Performers profiles
  • ...and much more