Major Update

Even after a long period of inactivity we’ve seen an increase in the interest about the services provided by Nexustickets and decided that a much needed overhaul had to be done.We’re still in open beta for the moment as we are adding new features and revamping our dashboards.A more detailed news post will be made later to explain all the …

Trash Family - Purgatoire Electronique

Repent your sins this Halloween at the Electronic Purgatory

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text] It’s getting frisky outside, the leaves are falling and the sun is leaving us earlier each day… There’s no doubt about it, Fall is definitely here and with it comes a special and grimy holiday : Halloween. Trick-or-Treat in Family Like every year, this season’s host to the most visual, sinister and bloody shows in town. Organizers and designers are enticed by the flood …

OddWord Nokturn IoFI

Montreal Rooftop Madness Convinced The Crowd

The loft party was a great success! Thanks to everyone for coming, we’ve heard all kind of positive feedback and we’re already working on how to improve our future family reunions because yes, this is just a beginning! The photos should be soon available on MTL Blog‘s website, so keep an eye on Trash Family‘s page and/or our page, we’ll let you …

Free tickets giveaway every week!

We’re people just like you and we know how frustrating it can be to miss a loved artist for financial reasons. That’s why we decided to give away free tickets to our events every week. The system is not ready yet, but we’re actively working on it and should be ready in the coming weeks.

A simpler ticketing solution

Our main focus is on providing you the best ticketing experience ever.

So what exactly is that?

Well, something along the line of easy ticket availability and affordable prices, fast check-in, freebies, rewards and easy access to rich content.