Music Ethic Complete Logo Stickers (5pcs)


Show your colors with our complete logo stickers!

If you want to spread some love about the Music Ethic community and show that you encourage an ethical music “industry” (we prefer the term community over here), look no further, this one is for you!

These stickers have a clear base, the surrounding area is transparent.

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The Music Ethic iconical logo is in fact a common denominator to the World Ethic organization.

This simple pin expresses the desire to connect individuals to the world through local, sustainable means.

The color orange, associated with social communication, optimism and energy has been tied to Music Ethic.

In this version, we can appreciate the acronym ME, that stands for Music Ethic, but also reflect the fact that this is first of all a community that starts with yourself and your desire to accomplish greater goals in the music world.

Don’t stress about quality and durability. Our stickers are made to withstand exposure to the harshest weather conditions.

Our vinyl stickers feature a premium coating that protects them from exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. You can even put them in your dishwasher and have them come out looking brand new.

Price Break :

0-2 units* : 7$/ea

3-5 units* : 6$/ea

6+ units* : 5$/ea

*One unit contains 5 stickers

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